Should Your Dog Receive Vaccinations Every Year? How to Ensure You’re Not Over- or Under-Vaccinating It

29 November 2016
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Just as guidelines for human healthcare are updated regularly to reflect new research in the medical field, dog treatment guidelines are also revised. While veterinarians once agreed that providing every dog a full set of vaccinations every year was best to protect their health, it is now believed that not only are yearly vaccinations unnecessary for some dogs, but vaccinating too often can actually cause some dogs to develop health problems. Read More 

3 Vaccination Tips You Need to Know if Your Dog Has a Medical Condition

14 September 2016
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As a dog owner, you value your dog's health and want to ensure that you make the right medical decisions for your pet. For most healthy dogs, this means ensuring that your canine companion receives their recommended vaccinations on schedule. However, if your dog already has a medical condition, you might be hesitant to introduce vaccines into their system. Take a look at what you need to know about vaccinating a dog that has a medical condition. Read More