Does Your Cat Like To Wander Through The Brush? 3 Things You Should Know About Cats And Lyme Disease

16 April 2018
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If your cats spend any time outside, especially in tall brush, you need to be concerned about Lyme disease. While cats don't usually come down with Lyme disease, it has been known to happen, which is why you need to keep a close eye out for the disease. Not only can your cats catch Lyme disease, they can also carry ticks home that can end up infecting your dogs, as well. Read More 

Feeding Your New Pet Snake

6 January 2018
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Getting a pet snake is exciting. However, feeding your  new snake will be different than feeding most other fluffy companions. Snakes have an incredibly primitive digestive system that's sensitive to many variables. Serving your snake the right food in the right way will make sure that your snake remains healthy and happy. What Size of Food When you feed your snake, it can't just be any size food. Too large of a rodent, and your snake may be injured or not be able to eat at all. Read More