5 Ways To Reduce Your Cat's Stress When Visiting The Vet

17 March 2015
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If you're a cat owner, you know that visiting the vet can be an ordeal in and of itself. Getting the cat into the car, making sure it doesn't make a mess in the waiting room, hoping that the cat doesn't scratch the vet during its visit – these are all very real concerns for cat owners with a sick pet. Never fear, though. Listed below are five ways to reduce your cat's stress during a visit to the vet's office. From this day forward, you'll never experience the same anxiety that your cat does before taking it to the vet.

Don't Choose a Clinic Based On Convenience Alone

This is a mistake made by all rookie pet owners: bringing an animal to a veterinarian clinic that is convenient for the pet owner. Whether it's close to work, home, or school, many pet owners will bring their animal to a vet's office based solely on convenience. Keep in mind that many vets – just like human physicians – are specialists. Feline specialists often have special offices that are designed to specifically reduce the stress of cats. This includes partitioned waiting rooms so that cats do not have to interact with other species of animals which they historically do not get along with – the dreaded dog, for instance. It is advised to research vets in your area, and find one that specializes in, or at least works well with, felines.

Don't Allow Your Cat To See Its Carrier Before Taking It To The Clinic

Any cat owner will tell you: cats are wily and intelligent beasts. If your cat has had any experience being in a carrier before, especially before taking a car ride before a trip to the pet hospital, they will tend to associate the appearance of the carrier with that experience. This can cause a severe amount of anxiety or stress in your cat, and by proxy, yourself. It is recommended that you only reveal the carrier to your cat right before it is placed inside, therefore not giving it any time to stew about your household in a blustery fuss.

Make Sure Your Cat Is Comfortable Before The Trip

Make sure to treat your cat with a hefty dose of tender love and care before the big trip to the animal clinic. Petting, speaking, and playing with your cat before the trip will calm your cat down, letting it know that you are right there with it to keep it safe. Offering treats to make the cat a bit more pliable is also recommended.

Try Your Best Not To Schedule An Appointment During A Busy Time

Many cat owners work during the weekdays, so weekends at the vet office tend to be a bit crowded. If it is all possible, take time off from work or school in order to facilitate the most comfortable time to visit the vet for your cat. Weekdays are much slower, and as such, much less crowded. Crowds tend to generate an ample amount of stress in your fine, furry friend, so visiting the vet's office when said crowds are thin would be beneficial to both you and your cat.

Do Not Yell Or Scold Your Cat During The Trip

Remember that your cat doesn't enjoy the benefit of understanding language. Yelling at your cat, or scolding it, will not make the trip easier for either of you. Even though your cat can't understand your language, it does understand that negative tones and loud volume means you are unhappy. Be kind and understanding of the situation and keep your voice low, even if your cat starts to misbehave. Remember that, if you were pulled out of your house without warning and forced to undergo a doctor's examination, you would be none too happy, either.

Although the process is stressful, with these five tips, you won't have to worry quite so much before taking your feline friend to the vet's office. Keep these in mind, try to make peace with your pet, and most importantly, good luck!

For more information, contact a local vet clinic or pet hospital