Your New Dog

22 March 2017
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When you have pets you want to take care of them to the best of your ability. If you are new to owning a pet then it can be a little overwhelming, but it is well worth it for the love and companionship they give you in return. If you have recently brought home a dog then you'll want to make sure your home is prepared and that the dog is taken care of properly. This article will give you the information you need to care for your new pal.

Gather the supplies you want to have

You want to have food and water bowls that won't tip over and are the right height and size for the dog. You should also have a harness and leash for the dog. Harnesses are better because collars can pose a choking hazard if the dog gets them wrapped around something. You may also want to consider a crate if you don't know the dog's history or if the dog is crate trained. This gives you a place to put the dog when you need to secure them for their own anxiety or for your own purposes. Some full grown dog's don't do well being crated suddenly, so you want to look for another means of securing them if this is the case. You also want them to have a bed and plenty of toys.

Ease the dog into its new home

Give the dog some time to acclimate to its new surroundings. You should keep visitors to a minimum for the first few days so the dog can get comfortable around its new family before meeting others. You should also try to bring the dog home on a day where you will be able to be home a couple of days after with it while it is adjusting.

Teach the dog obedience

Start teaching the dog what's appropriate and what's not appropriate in your home and begin training them on the behavior you expect. For example, if you don't want the dog in the kitchen then you want to start working on not letting them in it right away.

Take the dog in to see the vet

Set up an appointment to take the dog in to see the vet, such as Bodily Veterinary Clinic, as soon as possible. The vet will give the dog an exam to rule out any major health concerns. You should also have it vaccinated unless you are completely sure that the dog is current. If it's not already spayed or neutered you should consider doing so. A dog that's fixed will be more content and won't want to wander as much. It also decreases the chances of them getting in fights.