Three Tips For Taking Care Of Your Dog's Fur During The Summertime

5 June 2017
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In the summertime, you need to pay special attention to your dog's fur. Here are a few summer grooming tips that will help keep your dog happy this summer.

#1 Cut It Back

Just like how most people enjoy a shorter haircut in the summertime, so do most dogs. You may want to consider trimming your dog's coat during the summer months or shaving their coat down so that it is a little shorter. 

Just make sure that you don't go too overboard as your dog also needs their coat to protect their skin. Your dog's fur protects their skin and ensures that it doesn't get sunburned. This is especially true for dogs with really light colored fur and more sensitive skin. Talk to your vet about just how much fur you should trim back to allow your dog to feel cool while still protecting their fur.

#2 Inspect Their Coats After Outside Time

One of the big challenges that faces your dog during the summer months is avoiding tick bites. After you take your dog out to play at the dog park or take your dog with you on a hike on your favorite trail, you need to inspect their coats.

Sit your dog down and brush them when they come in from outside. As you brush, look around their ears and neck for ticks, two popular places for ticks to take shelter. Also, check your dog's underbelly carefully for ticks as well. If you see any ticks, remove them immediately, head and all. 

Brushing your dog when they come inside is a great way to inspect your dog for ticks and keep their coat clean and tangle free at the same time. 

#3 Treat Your Dog's Coat

Finally, during the summertime, you should treat your dog's coat to keep ticks and fleas away. Talk to your vet to see what type of topical solution will work best for your dog. There are a variety of different types of topical solutions, from ones that you rub into their skin to collars that they wear that help keep ticks and fleas away. 

Be sure to read all the fine print surrounding their tick and flea prevention methods. Many topical solutions need to be reapplied after you give your dog a bath or after they spend time in water. If your dog loves to swim, you may want to find a topical solution that doesn't need to be reapplied every time your dog gets into the water. 

For more information, contact local professionals like Loving Care Animal Hospital.