FAQ About Pet Boarding

2 August 2017
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Going on a vacation can be complicated to plan when no one is willing to keep your pets, as can happen if you have several of them. If you are ready to take a trip without having to take your pets, pet boarding is an option that you should consider. You might actually like placing your pets in a boarding facility better than leaving them with someone that you know. The reason why is because you will have the peace of mind that a certain level of care is being provided to your pets while you are away. Browse this article for questions that you might have in regards to pet boarding.

Will Immunization Shots Be Required?

It is likely that you will be required to show the boarding facility that your pets have been immunized. The specific immunization shots that will be required depends on the facility that you go to. The shots are important because it will decrease the risk of your pet infecting other pets at the facility with a disease, such as rabies.

Can Dogs & Cats Go to the Same Boarding Facility?

There are boarding facilities that will accept dogs and cats. It is likely that the animals will be kept in separate areas of the facilities. Basically, measures will be taken to make sure small animals like cats are not placed near aggressive dogs. The sleeping quarters for cats and dogs might be different as well, such as cats having places to hide in their kennels.

Can the Pet Owner Bring Toys from Home?

It is possible for you to bring toys from home for your pets to enjoy while you are on vacation. However, there might be rules in regards to the type and quantity of toys that you can bring. Call the boarding facility in advance to verify the types of toys that you can bring.

Do Pets Have to Be Picked Up at a Specific Time?

Boarding facilities usually have specific hours in which pets can be dropped off. The reason why is because a full day at the facility is typically based on the drop off time and the official time pick up time. However, the rules will depend on the facility chosen.

What Kind of Meals Will the Pets Be Served?

There isn't a specific type of meal that will be served to your pets. However, you can expect the meals to be healthy and good for the types of breeds your pets are. You can also bring your own food if your pets require a special diet.  

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