How To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

4 October 2017
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Your dog is susceptible to mouth germs much like your own mouth. He can get gingivitis, plaque buildup, as well as other oral issues that can be detrimental to his health. Brushing his teeth and taking good care of his gums is very important. See below for helpful tips on how to clean your dog's teeth and improve his oral health:

Brush, Brush, Brush

Brush his teeth, starting off slowly as he may not be too keen on you brushing his teeth. Use a canine toothbrush and canine toothpaste. Never use anything that is made for humans, as it can be harmful to your pup. Canine toothbrushes are made for your dog's teeth and can be a stick toothbrush or a finger toothbrush. The toothpaste is flavored to taste more like a dog treat or dog food - it's not minty flavored as a human toothpaste would be. 

When you begin brushing, start by massaging your dog's muzzle first to get him used to being by his mouth. Allow him to lick the toothpaste and toothbrush or at least smell it so he can get used to it. Then brush his front teeth. If he will let you brush his back teeth and gums as well. If your dog isn't too thrilled about the process, just try to brush what you can but don't push it. Try again another day.

Keep trying to brush your dog's teeth until he gets used to it. Brushing will help remove plaque buildup and keep your pup's teeth and gums healthy.

Get Regular Checkups

Take your pup to the veterinarian for regular checkups and for teeth cleanings. Your veterinarian will give him a thorough teeth cleaning and inspection. Take your pup to your veterinarian for a cleaning at least every six months. Your veterinarian will be able to spot any oral health issues to prevent further health issues.

Other Tips:

  • Use chew toys that can help remove plaque from your dog's teeth. Things such as Kong toys or other rubber toys that can rub the plaque off of their teeth.
  • Give treats that can improve your pup's oral health such as Greenies that are designed to remove plaque.
  • Limit human food that could be bad for your pup's health and teeth/gums.
  • Feed your pup a proper diet rich in protein and low in grains and fillers.

Be sure to take your pup to the veterinarian often for checkups and for an oral checkup and cleaning. Talk to your veterinarian about other ways to keep your pup's teeth clean and mouth healthy. Contact a vet office like Community Animal Hospital for more information and assistance.