Five Things That Can Speed Up The Recovery Process After Spaying

22 November 2017
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After being spayed, dogs typically need some time to recover before getting back a normal energy level. Before you take your dog in for surgery, you should be aware of what you can do at home to speed up recovery time and keep your dog as comfortable a possible after the surgery. The following are five things you can due to speed up the recovery process for your dog after spaying: Read More 

How To Make Your Cat’s Recovery After Dental Surgery More Comfortable

8 November 2017
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In order to be a good cat parent, regular dental care for your kitty is a must. However, like with humans, sometimes dental care calls for tooth extractions. If your kitty has undergone tooth extractions or another kind of dental surgery, he or she may be in some discomfort for the days to come. However, as a pet parent, there are steps you can take to reduce this discomfort. Avoid Incision Area Read More 

How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

4 October 2017
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Your dog is susceptible to mouth germs much like your own mouth. He can get gingivitis, plaque buildup, as well as other oral issues that can be detrimental to his health. Brushing his teeth and taking good care of his gums is very important. See below for helpful tips on how to clean your dog's teeth and improve his oral health: Brush, Brush, Brush Brush his teeth, starting off slowly as he may not be too keen on you brushing his teeth. Read More 

3 Ways to Care for Your Puppy After They Get Vaccinations

20 September 2017
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If you recently adopted a mixed breed puppy from an animal shelter and are planning to have your puppy vaccinated in the next few weeks, the following tips will help you care for your pet after they are inoculated and will help you identify a situation in which professional medical care is necessary.  Provide Your Pet with a Comfortable, Accessible Area to Sleep Before taking your pet to an animal hospital or veterinarian practice, prepare an area for your pet to sleep that is close to food and water dishes. Read More 

FAQ About Pet Boarding

2 August 2017
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Going on a vacation can be complicated to plan when no one is willing to keep your pets, as can happen if you have several of them. If you are ready to take a trip without having to take your pets, pet boarding is an option that you should consider. You might actually like placing your pets in a boarding facility better than leaving them with someone that you know. The reason why is because you will have the peace of mind that a certain level of care is being provided to your pets while you are away. Read More